What Is Your Leadership WORTH?

If you are either anon a leader, or are because authoritative that leap, you accept to be accommodating to accord yourself a analysis – from – the – close – up, and ask if you are accouterment value, to both he accumulation you represent, and the capacity and stakeholder you serve! In my four decades of identifying, qualifying, developing, training and consulting to bags of absolute and/ or abeyant leaders, I never anamnesis anyone saying, they were unfit, unready, or extemporaneous to lead. However, if we beam corporations, not – for – profits, borough organizations, and even governments, we acutely attestant how astringent today’s absence of superior administration is! What is your administration WORTH?

1. Why; where; who; what; when: Why are you best ill-fitted to advance this specific group, at this point in time? What will you offer? Area will you begin, and area do you achievement to accompany the group? Who will you plan with, calculation on, and accommodate account to? What is your timeline, if will you activate (and in what order), and why will you succeed, and accomplish a cogent aberration for the better?

2. Opportunities; options; opinions: Have you developed your abilities and knowledge, enough, so you accept acquired accordant judgment, and you can absolutely assurance your own opinions? What is your assessment – authoritative process? Are you accessible – minded, and will you accede alternatives and options, after bent and/ or prejudgment? What opportunities do you seek, and if they don’t present themselves in a appropriate manner, what will you do, to actualize and advance your own opportunity?

3. Reasonable; rational; relevant: If your account are not reasonable, why would you accept others will buy – into them. Valuable administration comes from proposing accordant affairs and programs, and advancing the best courses of action. Are you able of advancement your composure, and getting rational, even if those about you assume to be accident their perspectives?

4. Timely: Valuable leaders never procrastinate! They don’t leave it, to others! Rather, they accede their options thoroughly, and move forward, with cocky – confidence, and judgment, to yield able-bodied – considered, appropriate action!

5. Healing; head/ heart: If you bisect your capacity and are a polarizing influence, you should not be a leader! Worthwhile leaders are healers! One accept to be able and willing, to antithesis his affecting and analytic components, in a head/ affection balance!

What is your administration WORTH? Are you aces of getting a leader?

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